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Wishes on the threshold of Transition


A song to welcome the new millennium or just to welcome anything new that will come

after stepping over any threshold.  


German text and English recomposition of the text by August Rüggeberg

dedicated to our great Kahu, Serge Kahili King  


(Melody: ”Walking through the streets of London”)



To cross the edge may be so save, just carried by a living wave,

ahead of us our way which leads to our goal.

Create instead of daily worry for your life a joyful story

changing like in play the image in your soul.



Just touch the net, you’r not on your own:

that life respects you will be shown.

You are quite unique as part of universe's endless songbook:

hear the sacred song, join in to find your tone.


Imagining your life be sure it suits your deepest secret wishes

dare to dream your dreams, for thus they will come true.

You determine aims and meaning of this life that you are leading

plant your pritty tree according to your need. - Refrain


There are no limits, keep on dreaming, above you all the stars are gleaming

what ever your concern, there's always one more way.

We'r ever linked with everything and have yet found our way to stay.

Do not ask to much, be still, and cross your bridge. - Refrain


If you focus your direction, bind to future all your action,

energy will flow, where spirit wants to go.

The present is your point of power, presents you your desired flower:

so you will achieve, what spirit longs to do. - Refrain


All you love will make you happy, do not judge within your loving.

Love is echoed back from those who feel your love.

The blossoms of your rose be growing, and her scent will make you knowing,

how to find the lark that sings her song for you. - Refrain


All power is residing in you, set it free for what it's bound to.

Miracles come true, so true that you can see.

Off, the threshold may be cleared well, draw your power from the big swell!

Your garden will rebloom by novel energy. - Refrain


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